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Hey! Welcome to my DeviantArt Page!

Name's Mo. Nice to meet'cha! I'm just another good ol' nerd, big into nintendo/Legend of Zelda, disney PIXAR/dreamworks movies, and some anime's/manga. I love to write, draw, sing and compose music! I'm hoping to one day become an animator/ character designer/ writer/ composer.
so many dreams l:l

you can also find me on youtube (Chaoskitty1256), meebo/AIM (chaoskitty1257), tumblr ( and my email (

Thanks very much for stopping by! I really appreciate comments and critiques, and i'd be happy to answer any questions you might have for me, so please don't hesitate!

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY!
Personal Quote: you can make it into... a holy shit sword!


From the Deep - SS by chaoskitty1257
From the Deep - SS
Chu's OC Ross C:
gahhh i'm so happy with the way this turned out

happy holidays, :iconchibi-chubear:!
Adrians Sketch by chaoskitty1257
Adrians Sketch
Yeah. Rp stuff.

Well anyway, this is koi's father, who is still nameless XD

Adrian is Thomas and Alexa's father C:
La Familia by chaoskitty1257
La Familia
:icontoonmidna1:'s request C:
I had a lot of fun drawing these two. 
Lakitwos by chaoskitty1257
:iconicecreamlink:'s request C:
i'm actually pretty happy with this considering i never draw cartoony stuff XD
Stolen from :iconrachellebear:

1. Video game: LoZ, Majora's Mask. When they announced the remake I literally sobbed. 
2. Show: That's hard :l I don't watch a ton of TV. Either Alphas or Being Human (UK ver)
3. Kids cartoon character: Courage the cowardly dog C:
4. Anime/manga character: jeez all these hard questions. I'm gonna have to go with Yuki Sohma from fruits basket
5. Final fantasy character: never played ff T.T
6. Present you received: My apogee one mic for Christmas 
7. Color: Spring grass green C:
8. Sonic character: not a big sonic fan tbh but definitely shadow. His video game is hilarious 
9. Band: actually group of people-wise, probably imagine dragons
10. Song: Sinking friendships by Jonsi
11. Food: Chicken Franceis..? Sp?
12. Drink: vitamin water zero (purple)
13. Number: 8
14. Planet: Jupiter 
15. Simpsons character: Never watched the Simpsons 
16. Country: probably japan, being the only country besides the us that I really know about
17. Job: Retail BS
18. Magazine: Game Informer
19. Comic: Avas demon, since it's the only 1 I read :'D
20. Action figure/doll: my RAH link action figure
21. Weather: Partly cloudy, spring, 55-60 F
22. Month: April
23. Day of the week: Saturday
24. Fruit: Watermelon
25. Meat: Chicken C:
26. Body part: eyes...? 
27. Electronic device: my 3DS
28. Person on dA: don't make me choose that! 
29. Video game console: N64
30. Video game company: Nintendo hella. Also really like capcom and valve 
31. Dvd: any?
32. Movie: How to Train Your Dragon
33. Road: Worthington Mill Rd. It's all windy and there's lots of trees and scenery -u-
34. City: I really hate cities tbh. But probably Seattle. Great city 
35. Holiday destination: idk. I really want to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia 
36. dA emoticon: :iconprussiaplz:
37. Online: I don't actually play league of legends but I watch my sister play XD
38. Family guy character: If I had to pick one, probably stewie
39. Fullmetal Alchemist Character: Ed I am never sorry
40. Green day song: Brain Stew
41. Lead singer of a band: I don't really know the names of singers :'D
42. Mario character: Luigi my precious loser child
43. Snack: Chips and salsa or bruschetta 
44. Fizzy drink: Fantasy
45. Scent: Wild roses
46. Taste: something juicy I guess? 
47. Sound: snow crunching underneath your feet
48. Feeling: fuzzy blankets 
49. Animal: Pretty much anything except for reptiles
50. Circus attraction: acrobatics 
51. Fairground ride: The one that spins vertically and you do like a million flips. It's like an extreme Ferris wheel.
52. Kitchen utensil: SPORK
53. Junk food: Reese's 
54. Word: hippopotomonstrosesquippedalia phobia (AKA fear of long words. Oh the irony)
55. Type of footwear: Boots or sneakers
56. Type of clothing: knitted sweaters and hats
57. Pokémon: idk I don't really play Pokemon 
58. Digimon:  don't play that either 
59. Thing about love: cuddling I guess? Idk
60. Type of Joke: Dry/clever humor. No slapstick or poop jokes
61. American state: PA C:
62. Bug: praying mantis
63. Aquatic animal: Dolphins
64. Seafood: tuna or octopus. I live Takoyaki don't even get me started
65. Store: deb
66. Time of day: Midday
67. Arcade game: Mappy
68. Favorite PC Music Player: YouTube XD 
69. Sport: Swimming I guess 
70. Animated Character: Idkkkk I guess hiccup 
71. Accessory: Hat
72. Lesson: Don't forget your nametag at 7-11 unless you want to be called dumbo for the rest of the day. 
73. Video Game Character: Midna, Isaac Clarke or Leon S. Kennedy. 
74. Way of Dying: in my sleep :'D
75. Body part of the Opposite Eyes: wtheck does that even mean????
76. Extreme sport: rock climbing...???
77. Thing about the opposite gender: collarbones ;u; 
78. Way of showing affection: hugs
79. Type of swimwear: Wut
80. Favorite historical era: I have no idea
81. Celebrity: Basically anybody from any marvel movie, plus any bbc character you can think of
82. Celebrity couple: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone <3 
83. Shipping: Zatiri my baes. Also zelink, telink and midlink
85. Takeout: Idk. Chicken sandwich I guess
86. Metal: Copper I guess
87. Anime: Idk I've watched a lot in the past couple of months. Probably FMA Britherhood, Magi, Soul eater, Hunter x Hunter, and Noragami
88. Candy: idk prolly Reese's or Milky Way 
89. Cookie: sugar
90. Final fantasy game: sorry :'D
91. Type of cake: Vanilla with lots of buttercream icing
92. Doughnut: vanilla creme
93. Type of music: soundtrack, technopop, dubstep, alternative
94. Type of film: Horror, Fantasy, animated 
95. Channel: don't watch tv 
96. Radio station: 104.5 all the alternative I could ever need
97. Website: DA and tumblr, and I like FB enough
98. Episode of Show: I don't pay attention to those things XD
99. Tool: pencil or pen 
100. Reality show: the only thing real about reality tv is the realization that it's not actually reality 

  • Mood: Happy

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