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Hey! Welcome to my DeviantArt Page!

Name's Mo. Nice to meet'cha! I'm just another good ol' nerd, big into nintendo/Legend of Zelda, disney PIXAR/dreamworks movies, and some anime's/manga. I love to write, draw, sing and compose music! I'm hoping to one day become an animator/ character designer/ writer/ composer.
so many dreams l:l

you can also find me on youtube (Chaoskitty1256), meebo/AIM (chaoskitty1257), tumblr ( and my email (

Thanks very much for stopping by! I really appreciate comments and critiques, and i'd be happy to answer any questions you might have for me, so please don't hesitate!

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY!
Personal Quote: you can make it into... a holy shit sword!


Kitsune Template by chaoskitty1257
Kitsune Template
My hiragana is terrible im sorry l:l

but her she is C: 
Kitsune by chaoskitty1257
A new siren. I don't have much on her yet, i was just doodling and came up with her xD 
Material Girl (ask 3) by chaoskitty1257
Material Girl (ask 3)
Above anything else, Charlie loves jewelry. She cons people to get it sometimes XDDD
tagged by :iconrachellebear: C: 

1. If you've been tagged you must either answer the Q/A and tag some one else or just tag someone.
2. Answer them truthfully.
3. Show a pic of your OC and a OC that is not yours.
4. Keep it at an E 10+ rating.
5. If you have been tagged then copy the Q/A on your journal entry.
6. You can not use your DA Alter Ego.
7. When you chose your friends' OC please give them credit.

This isn't my meme : 'D I stole it from someone but I have no idea who.

1. Which OC of yours are you most like?why?(chose one)

Hmmmmm. Let me think. 
Tbh, probably my OC felix. (upper right corner) 
Mo Bookmark Set by chaoskitty1257
Felix is one of those characters that's always truly genuine in all his actions and emotions. He's very pure of heart, but he also suffers from anxieties and has a lot of issues. He's also an optimist, despite everything that happens, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. (he's also a TOTAL CLUTZ) 

2. Which of your friends OCs are you most like? why?(chose one)
UGGHGHHG this is soo hardddd
probably :iconlinkerbell:'s OC seara, in terms of her curious and upbeat nature C: 
Adult Seara by Linkerbell

3. Which OC hero are you most like?(chose one)

ahhhhhhh i have no idea........... xDDD I guess if i'd had to choose based off of my OCs in my own stories that are considered the hero....
Meet the Lymphanati by ol-bear
Lymphanati's main character Tipetha (middle character)
Her character is pretty aloof and really mysterious, but she's very lively and cheerful. She has a lot of issues, but she's generally like me in a few ways XD 

4. Which OC anti-hero are you most like?(chose one)
Titiri Pen Sketch by chaoskitty1257
Her personality varies throughout the story, but she's just a very sad confused character in general XD 

5. Which OC of yours are you least like?(chose one)
Brooke Pixel by chaoskitty1257
She is incredibly prideful and stoic, lacks empathy and generally doesn't really have any redeeming qualities (other than she cares deeply for brent and is basically like his big sister) XDD 

6. Which OC of your friends' OCs are you least like?(chose one)
Dovey, Witch of Ice by Linkerbell
no qualms i love her to death, but if we were put in the same room together i wou lD BE SO UNCOMFORTABLE I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND 

7. What gave you the inspiration for your OCs?
Idk really, i get my inspiration from all kinds of things. From Zelda to various manga to anime and movies and reading books and rping with friends XD 

8. And lastly which is your all time fav OC(s)? (chose as many as you want)
these two babs of course (THE PIC THAT STARTED IT ALL) 
2nd Prize: Zach and Titiri by Linkerbell
all three of these weirdos 
Nau's Powers by chaoskitty1257
the entire lymphanati roster
andddd that's just a COUPLE
I am a little bit like all of my OCs and that is okay C:

no tags because lazy 
  • Mood: Welcoming

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Merry Christmas to you tooooo!!!! (Even tho it's late sorry)
sorry I've been so inactive. I'm trying to get all my friends Christmas presents together XD 
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EEE<33 It's algood! I haven't been around very much either! I hope all your presents went well, I'm sure all your friends loved them<33
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do you happen to take requests?
chaoskitty1257 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do sometimes, but at the moment requests are closed.
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Hey uh I really like your art so yea Ima watch you now sorry for being awkward ok bye
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aww thank you so much! >w< :icondragonglomp:
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